Glory Days Services, Inc. offers a total business program for a profitable "home based" youth sports photography business. Our program is completely unique because we provide our customers everything they need to succeed including: training material, marketing material, production services, and back office support. Best of all, our marketing department works with our photographers (distributors) to get them clients.
These free services include mailers and telemarketing support!
Our "turn key" program gives our clients the total support that they might expect if they spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a franchise, but at zero cost. We have current distributors who do several hundred thousand dollars per year in sales and we have been offering our program on a limited basis for almost 20 years.
This opportunity can provide significant extra income to anyone, and we are happy to work with photographers and non-photographers alike!
If you like the idea of a low cost home based photography business, and want a program that can get you up and running immediately in this lucrative field, please look over the information contained on the rest of this website and then give us a call to discuss whether our program is right for you.

We have the best product mix in the industry. Because we also have a wholesale division that is already providing these products to photographers all over the country, we can offer any product that is needed to stay competitive in your local market.

Standard product selection generally includes Memory Mate Frames, Memory Mate Plaques, Sponsor Plaques, Magazine Covers, Trading Cards, Buttons, Magnets, Digital Composites, and other photo products depending on what each specific league wants.
One of the first things we will do when you contact us is to make sure that this opportunity fits your situation and helps you achieve your personal goals. I have looked at countless "business opportunities," and many of those made money selling franchises, initial inventory, or some kind of "start-up package." You will find nothing like that here. In fact, we will be the ones making the initial investment in sales material and marketing support to help you get started.

This business is not for everyone, and it is really important to that you understand how this business can fit in to your career and your personal life.
The Best Product Mix In The Industry