Provide Marketing and Sales Services: We have a comprehensive library of brochures, e-mails, website templates, samples, promotional novelties and know-how. We will create all of your marketing material for free and put a great face on your business and we will send out customized bid material on your behalf. We also offer free tele-marketing services to assist you in acquiring accounts.

Periodic Mailers: We do provide mailers on behalf of our distributors. These include postcards as well as complete bid packages with samples.

Provide A Complete Program and Price Structure: Our program works in any state and in any market. We can also fine tune both pricing and premiums (give away items) to make you the most competitive operator in your area.

Provide Training Material and Advice: We have material to train you on every aspect of operating a youth sports photography business from sales to photography. We can also keep you from making any “beginner” mistakes.

Provide a Total Production Solution: We do all of the production. You send us the order forms and camera memory cards and we do the rest. Orders are produced by our lab and delivered directly to your client.

Customer Service for Parents: We deal with parents and resolve any questions or issues after delivery (and we even write refund checks for product when parents are unhappy). This is a HUGE benefit of our service as it is very time consuming and one of the biggest "headaches" that operators in this high volume field face.

This is a real business and will TAKE TIME to develop. I get a lot of inquiries and the first question that is asked is "How soon can I make money?" or "How much can I make?" or "How much can you guarantee me?" So, generally, I read this to mean "I am desperate for money and I need cash now!!!!!"
While I do not mind talking about potential income, I simply can't work with anyone who is not in this for the long run. We invest money in every distributor we work with and we will not invest money in someone that is desperate. Would you?
You must have a source of income to begin this business, not because you will be sending money to us but because you need money to eat!

Lead time on getting accounts is several months and for those that stick with our program, substantial income takes a couple of years.
What We Do: “The Back End”
Our program is based a sensible division of responsibilities and a partnering, “relationship” approach to this business. Our distributors handle the photography, the key relationship with the league coordinator, and we do virtually everything else from marketing and sales, to all production fulfillment and customer service for parents.
What You Do: “The Front End”
Manage Photo Shoots and Photographers: You must be able to manage photographers and successfully conduct the photo shoots. You must recruit and train photographers and assistants to help you. Both photographers and assistants are relatively easy to find and train, but you must put in the effort to make sure you have a winning crew.

Manage Relationships with Key Contacts: Every account has an administrator that works with the photographer to set up the shoot and get the photos distributed, etc. This is your key relationship. You must be able and willing to work well with these people and get them to renew with your company year after year. We will take care of individual parents, but this key relationship is your baby.
Administration: As with any business you will have administrative tasks from banking to tax form preparation. If you already own your own business, you already are familiar with these tasks. If you need help getting organized, we can offer plenty of advice.
Succeeding Together
This concept involves two components: money and time. Of course, these components are related to each other.

The Money Component: Under our program, your company’s price is a fixed percentage discount off of our suggested retail price for any given product or service. This is your “standard discount.” Generally this discount is 30%-40% depending on the market you are in (some markets are much more competitive than others). Generally speaking, if your discount is 35% and you take in $1,000 in net sales (not including sales tax which you will keep 100%), you will pay us $650.00 to do our part of the work which includes all the product, order form printing, film, free stuff to the league, shipping, customer service, etc.. The $350.00 that you keep covers your cost of photography including your time and your staff and of course your profit.

The Time Component: How would you like to have a team of talented, hard-working, and experienced professionals to help you succeed and continue succeeding? This team will handle marketing, sales, promotion, production, customer service and help you solve the inevitable problems that occur in any volume business. You won't , however, have to worry about overhead or payroll for this first rate team of people who work for you! Best of all, since you have a great back office team coming to work every day, your time commitment can be limited and easily structured. If you value your time, this may be the program for you.
Time Comitment