Don't assume great photography will keep a client happy!

#1 Showing up late to the shoot.
#2 Being "rude" to the kids or not working well with the kids.
#3 Being disorganized and running behind schedule at a shoot (making the teams late for their game)
#4 Delivering the photos late.
#5 Mixed up orders
#6 The company is hard to reach or unresponsive to phone calls
#7 Another company gives the league a "better deal"
#8 Another company had a better selection of items
#9 Bad photography

Most companies that start out in this business take decent photos, but they fail in one or all of the other important areas. So, if you are pursuing this because you either love photography or think you are a terrific photographer, please remember that there is MUCH more to it. Also, most shoots require 2-5 photographers, so your own personal photography skills matter a lot less than your ability to manage people and stay organized. In fact, here is a shocking but true fact about the youth sports photography business: Many of the largest and most successful companies are run by people who have no technical knowledge at all!
We are happy to work with photographers and non-photographers alike! One of the most important misunderstandings about this business is that it is primarily about photography-it is not!

I get a lot of inquiries from photographers who believe that they have excellent photography skills and assume that this is the key to success in this business. The truth is that photography knowledge is helpful, but in this field it is much more important to be an organized "people person" than a great photographer.
Most common reasons photographers lose accounts
You must follow our proven system
We will show you how to do a great job and we will show you how to eliminate most of the variables that cause photography problems. We have complete photography manuals and "how to" guides. In fact, 99% of the problems with photography that we see occur because a photographer did not take our advice or follow our guidelines.

THIS IS NOT A "PHOTOGRAPHY" BUSINESS as much as THIS IS A PEOPLE BUSINESS that involves simple photography.

With today's inexpensive modern cameras, virtually anyone can be trained to do the photography required to pursue this business. We have a complete "Guide to a Successful Youth Sports Shoot" to walk you through the photography including how to set your camera, shoot management and pitfalls to avoid.

The best recommendation that we can make is to avoid "over-complicating" the photography. It is really very simple and easily learned. There are no action shots just basic posed individual and team photos.